Improving Process, Besting Results

At Indigo Process Management, we have built our business around this simple fact—introducing and improving customer processes achieves the best results every time. Everything we do, every process we recommend, every practice we help our customers implement is custom-designed to dramatically achieve results, and to improve their ultimate viability, profitability and success as an organization.

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Safety, OSHA Training & Best Practices

Indigo Safety Programs

Indigo's process best practices extend to safety. Let us help you improve your business's safety programs or even build them from scratch.

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The Indigo Companies: Meet Our Founders

About Indigo

Meet Wally and Layne, co-founders and experts in the field of process management and business safety practices.

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Process Management News + Blog

Process Management News + Blog

Blog along with Indigo Process Management, get free tidbits of information from our principals, share your thoughts with us or ask a question.

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