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We offer the best solution to your workplace compliance and safety requirements. Our dedicated staff of safety and compliance professionals, are able to immediately get started on handling your safety and compliance problems.


• Comprehensive safety programs

• Construction training

• Forklift training

• Customized safety training


We understand navigating your way through all the regulations can be a daunting task, were here to help!
We'll be happy to answer your questions and let you know what we can do for your company to ensure compliance and Success!




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Businesses must become more sophisticated as their customer’s become more sophisticated, So, as companies grow their systems and processes must be enhanced as well.

There are processes, procedures, guidelines and metrics in almost every facet of business. Indigo develops the process manuals, writes the procedures, maps the processes and teaches you how to measure the outputs in order to manufacture and produce the highest quality product, while achieving higher profit margins.


We work hand in hand with you to design and develop a customized solutions plan that works best for your company.

I have used Indigo Compliance to manage our safety program since 2007.  They have been excellent partners for our operation and I have referred them to many of my fellow business owners looking to manage their risk, and develop a strong safety program that is more than a document on the self somewhere. Wally Steidley developed great rapport with my lawn technicians and got them to take safety issues very seriously. I highly recommend Indigo Compliance & Risk Management.

- Mike Bosco



We Get 5 Star Reviews

Chad Felderhoff -  5 

"Wally and his staff are professional and efficient. It's rare to find a safety company that puts the employees first rather than their pocket book.  These guys pay for themselves time and time again."


Deanna Hellman

"Tony's Seed and Feed, Inc. is pleased with the level of service Indigo Compliance and Risk Management has provided. With the suggestions Wally and Shane have made, we feel very confident we are moving in the right direction. The training that has been provided to our staff has been very thorough; they have been very responsive to questions, making sure that all understand before moving on to the next subject. They are knowledgeable on what areas need to be addressed and helpful in giving advice on how to make the changes in order to be compliant. We definitely recommend the services of Indigo Compliance and Risk Management."


Steve Gandy

Bryant Grain Co.

"Indigo Compliance & Risk Management has become an instrumental component of the safety culture at our company. They provide a customized safety plan and training specific to our business, facility, equipment and employees. They also provide a level of individualized service that I presume not to found with many consulting firms today. They have a true interest in understanding our business and know each employee by name."


Timothy Schulz

C&L Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

"Indigo Compliance and I have teamed up for over fifteen years on safety services and OSHA compliance. In that time I've been very pleased with the compliance work of documentation, training, and auditing at our facility. Their entire team goes above and beyond when it comes to industry knowledge, safety compliance, and customer service. Indigo most decisively makes it a point to understand our process and our employees on a personal level. This philosophy and dynamic is not only unique, but well received by our entire team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Indigo for many years to come."


We have a 20 year proven track record of creating and installing safety programs for our happy and satisfied client companies. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars with excellent government inspection results; because we know compliance…

Besting Results

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