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We take the questions of process and procedure and make them easy to understand, assess, and put into action.

Call Today 214-868-7758, You'll See How Easy We Can Make Your Job Tomorrow!

INDIGO PROCESS MANAGEMENT offers numerous services that help your business succeed. We take the complex questions of quality management and help make them easy to develop and implement.

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We Have the Plan!
Indigo can address all aspects of your quality management system, from ISO to AS and from basic to complex.

The ISO/AS services we can deliver to your organization:


• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001

• OHSAS 18001

• AS9100

• Responsible Recycling

• Development of Procedures and Work Instructions

• Pre-Assessment Audit/Gap analysis

• Internal Auditor Training

• Internal Auditing Service


As companies improve and grow, their systems and processes must follow suit. Every day business becomes more sophisticated. You must become more sophisticated in order to survive.


Indigo Process Management is well equipped to provide you with a  comprehensive evaluation of your current quality management system and to guide and assist with the necessary upgrades and improvements.

Do you have a smoking gun in your process? Is there a quality failure looming in the near future? We will examine process inputs and outputs and recommend the necessary changes so your business can meet both internal and external customer requirements.

There are guidelines, procedures, processes and scorekeeping in almost every facet of business.






Indigo writes the procedures, documents the processes and teaches our clients how to keep score in order to make the uniform product and profit.


Indigo will find the missing pieces!


When there is no process documentation and written standards within a workplace there is confusion, variations in quality and output suffers.

Indigo has the expertise to “re-set” the process. We document the current processes and set the scale to ground zero.


Through a systematic analytical approach we:


• Streamline the process

• Modify the procedures

• Train the employees

• Give your supervision and management a  documented   
   manageable pro


As a manufacturer or distributor of food products you are tasked with the responsibility of providing the safest, highest quality product possible at a competitive price.

Our services will help ensure you meet those goals.

With over twenty years of experience in the food and beverage industry we have the training, talent and experience to design and implement a comprehensive food safety and/or food quality process for your company. We can analyze and refine your current systems or complete a major overhaul.












Let us help you prepare for your next third party or regulatory audit. We have experience dealing with the major regulatory bodies such as the USDA, FDA, Military and State Health Agencies.

Let us help you with your:


• ISO 22000


• QA Laboratory

• Microbiology

• Research and Development
• Sanitation


The ISO/AS services we can deliver to your organization:

ISO Briefing: Provide managers and supervisors a sound understanding of the ISO or AS requirements and how they affect companies.

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Manual Assistance: Help you create a quality manual that satisfies ISO standards.

Operating Procedure Assistance: Help you develop or modify your operating procedures to demonstrate proper control.

Implementation & Mentoring: Help you implement your new procedures, including assuring end-user understanding of the procedures and an evaluation of their effectiveness.

Creation of Forms and a Master List of Controlled Documents: Create the forms needed to conform to the standard, and a master list of controlled documents.

Pre-Assessment Audit: Evaluate the effectiveness of your QMS with a full pre-assessment.

Management Review: Training to ensure the effective performance of the required management reviews.

Internal Auditor Training: 3-day training for internal auditors, including classroom and exercises.

Internal Audit Service: We will audit your QMS on a set schedule to assure compliance with the standard, and suggest corrective actions as needed.

Call Today 214-868-7758, You'll See How Easy We Can Make Your Job Tomorrow!

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