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What if your company could be more eco-friendly and reduce your overhead costs at the same time? That's exactly what Beneficial Reuse is all about. Partner with Indigo Process Management to lower your costs while pursuing an environmentally-friendly solution that makes good economic sense.

What is Beneficial Reuse?

As its name suggests, Beneficial Reuse is truly redirecting and reusing materials in a way that is beneficial for everyone—materials that would otherwise go to waste. Beneficial Reuse diverts a material from the solid waste stream for purposes of upcycling or reuse in the manufacture of products which may otherwise be produced from raw or virgin materials. Indigo Process Management has developed a system that can save you money if you are currently land-filling this product. We can also save you money if you are currently buying raw aggregate for your products or services.









Beneficial Reuse of Foundry Sand

Indigo Process Management is already at work helping foundry clients to divert their non-hazardous sand away from the waste stream, while saving them money. For example, sand used in the mold-making process is generally reused directly in the mold-making process, but eventually the sand is no longer structurally suitable for foundry use. The overwhelming majority of this sand is non-hazardous and can be effectively reused in a variety of ways, including roadbeds, construction fill, and cement manufacture.

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Be More Eco-Friendly and Reduce your Overhead Costs at the Same Time

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