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Our Dedicated Staff of Compliance Professionals Develop Structured, Results-Oriented Safety/ Compliance Programs

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Safety /Compliance Programs

• Manufacturing Assessments

• Comprehensive Safety Programs
• Construction Training

• Safety Gap Analysis

• Forklift Training

In a high-stress business environment of production schedules, order/material handling, lead times and customer satisfaction, it's often difficult to communicate the business impact of technical problems such as compliance violations and employee injury or illness. These are important challenges that can be met by addressing needs with a structured, results-oriented Safety / Compliance Program.



Concerns about safety compliance violations and their cost?
Is employee illness and injury cutting into your profit?
Questions about safety and regulatory compliance?

Why let The Indigo Companies provide these services?
The answer is simple: by working with the best provider,
you obtain the best results.




Indigo offers the best solution to your environmental or workplace compliance/safety requirements - including EPA compliance. With our dedicated staff of safety and compliance professionals, we are able to immediately get started on handling your nagging safety and compliance problems. Together, they translate into a powerful partnership option for you.

Our track record proves we know OSHA regulations and safety requirements for your business… AND your success is important to us.

We are OSHA Experts

Download these helpful safety tools


LOTO Machine Specific procedures

Personal Protective Equipment Assessment

Government Inspection Response

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