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Why Recycle Old Electronics

The improper disposal of obsolete electronics in our landfills releases deadly toxins, such as lead, zinc, cadmium, mercury and copper, into our soil, water and atmosphere causing both environmental and health problems. In fact, cathode ray tubes found in most computer monitors and television sets contain more than four pounds of lead each! As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency in 2006 passed the CRT Rule, which prevents the land disposal of cathode ray tubes and streamlines management standards and encourages recycling and reuse. Safely recycling cathode ray tubes saves energy and conserves resources, allows the recycled glass cullet to be reused to manufacture new CRT glass, and reduces the amount of lead in landfills. Let us know if we can help your company manage these resourses as they reach of the end of their useful life. or fill out the form. Wally

Posted by Wally Steidley on 10/07 at 11:49 AM

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