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Is OSHA surfing Social Media?

Social media is crazy these days! People are obsessed with posting the things they are most proud of. Most of us post photos of our latest vacation, a new car we bought, or a cool picture of our kids doing something NOBODY'S kids have ever done before.

I can only imagine that most business owners are proud of their company and so, they post pictures as well. Pictures are worth a thousand words and pictures of employees violating OSHA regulations may be worth $13,260- 2019 maximum penalty an employer can be issued for serious and other than serious citations.

We would like to think OSHA doesn’t surf the web looking for violations, but who am I to say they don’t. There are several articles out on the web telling stories about how OSHA inspectors find pictures in newspapers and then go check a company out.

Social media presence will keep rising in the coming years and will continue to be a great way to advertise your companies services. Business owners should be on the lookout for photos of their company doing any type of work in the field. Any photos being posted on the company website or on an advertisement material should be reviewed for hazardous conditions before being posted.

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